Best Neck Joint & Ghost Mannequin Service Provider

Neck Joint service is generally known as Ghost Mannequin service. The demand for neck joint or ghost mannequin is increasing day by day for the professional photographers & e-commerce business owners. At Photo Editor 24, we offer professional neck joint service for e-commerce bulk images at a reasonable price. You are in the right place, for the best photo editing services like photo background removal, clipping path, e-commerce or online product photo editing, neck joint/ghost mannequin & many more.


The ghost mannequin photography effect in Adobe Photoshop is an advanced technique of photo editing which removes mannequin from the product (Apparel) images. Sometimes, this service is also called an invisible mannequin service. Neck joint service is mostly used by brands & e-commerce retailers for getting their products professional look.

Definition of Neck joint or ghost mannequin service?

Neck joint service is a very important part of the photo manipulation process. It is also known as an invisible mannequin for ghost mannequin service. For online clothing products like shirts, t-shirts, pants, trousers, shoes, polo shirts, women’s skirts, lingerie, children’s clothes & many more, Photoshop neck joint service is applied. At Photo Editor 24– First of all, we remove the mannequin from products using clipping path service & then we apply neck joint photography service to make the products more professional & eye-catching.

Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Service Pricing

Basic Level

$2.00per photo

Services applied:

  • Changing for White/Black/Transparent Background
  • Background Changing up to 3 Persons
  • Background Changing for Simple Objects
  • Clipping Path Services
  • Color Correction
  • No Retouching
  • Small Objects Removal
  • Blur Background
  • Clipping path

Pro Level

$3.00per photo

Services applied:

  • Merging Backgrounds
  • Manipulations
  • Background Restoration
  • Background Changing for More than 5 Persons
  • Background Changing for Big Amount of Objects
  • Color Correction
  • Professional Retouching
  • Unwanted Issues Removal
Categories of Neck Joint Service or Ghost Mannequin Effect in Photoshop
  • Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin
  • 3D/3600 packs hot Ghost Mannequin Effects.
  • Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin.
  • Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin.

Neck Joint Service or Ghost Mannequin Effect in Photoshop: To make more realistic and drive more sales of your online products, neck joint service is very important. Generally, a mannequin is used for shirts, jackets, jeans, blazers, lingerie & many more. A blank area creates after removing the mannequin from the product which is not good for an e-commerce store. We offer neck joint service very professionally and naturally.

3D/3600 packs hot Ghost Mannequin Effects in Photoshop: Just send your photos in different angles with top, neck, bottom & sleeves. We will make it pack hot retouch without the back parts and provide a 3D/360image for your e-commerce sites. At Photo Editor 24,  we offer 3D/3600 packs hot Ghost Mannequin Effects services at an affordable price.

Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin in Adobe Photoshop: The long sleeve shirts, Jackets, T-shirts, etc. need a hollow effect to make it perfect like 3D shape. After removing the mannequin from the hollow part of the sleeves, our professional ghost mannequin experts recover the blank area very professionally.

Natural Bottom Joint or Ghost Mannequin in Photoshop: At photo Editor 24, we also join the bottom part of the dress very professionally after removing the mannequin. It’s approximately similar to the neck joint. This kind of service may be applied, when a dress back part is longer than the front part.

How Do We Apply Neck Joint Service?

Our professional photo editors use a neck joint or ghost mannequin effect by combining the front & inner parts of the products. Later background removal from the products by using the clipping path, we apply this service to make a photo shiny & professional for the customers. We also apply image resizing &  cropping, photo retouching, color correction, masking, contrast, brightness, sharpening, and many more image editing services to make a real view of the product.

Why neck joint service is important for e-commerce?

Nowadays, the use of mannequin for online products is increasing to make the photos more professional shape & look. But this is not possible to upload directly the photos with the mannequin. After removing the mannequin, that area of the product remains unseen. So, to fill up the blank area of the specific part, there is no alternative to Photoshop neck joint service.

After taking the photos by a photographer, you need to remove the mannequin and also need to visible of your unseen part of the clothing product. Otherwise, the product will lose the original looks & quality which is not good for selling the products online. To boost your sales, you must have to apply the neck joint or ghost mannequin services from a professional photo editing house. This is not possible to explain the importance of neck joint/ghost mannequin services within a few words or sentences.

Most of the time plastic dolls are used instead of the model to save the money. A professional photographer can remove the mannequin and repair the missing part of the product but it takes more time. That’s why a professional photographer or e-commerce business owners need to hire a professional photo editing house.

At Photo Editor 24, we offer neck joint service for bulk images at a reasonable price. We are the best photo editing service provider including clipping path, background removal, reflection, image resizing & cropping, professional photo retouching, e-commerce product photo editing and many more besides Photoshop neck joint or ghost mannequin services. Get a free trial, to check our expertise in neck joint or ghost mannequin services.

Bulk services for permanent customers

discount for any photo editing services during a month who orders from
total cost is more than $500.00 US
discount for any photo editing services during a month who orders from
total cost is more than $500.00 US

Overview of the Ghost Mannequin Effect:

Ghost mannequin is possible with 2D and 3D garments, while it is possible to use humans. It is cheaper and easier to use plastic dolls or mannequins in this connection. The effect can be applied to different types of clothing such as a cardigan, jacket, pants, and shirt and so on.The process starts once a creative person shoots photos of the apparel with the mannequins carrying the clothes. Different angles unit shot to satisfy the project desires.

To increase the sales of the online clothing product, neck joint service is very important for an e-commerce business owner. At photo editor 24, we offer the best photo editing services like Photoshop background removal, clipping path, photo retouching, e-commerce product photo editing & many more besides neck joint or ghost mannequin services.

Manipulation of the image:

Manipulation of images is the art of image editing that works specifically for photo restoration and image enhancement. Photo editing term may be a generic term wont to describe different kinds of image manipulation techniques. Image manipulation is to convert a photo, using a variety of methods and techniques to achieve the desired results.

Especially when used to deceive the public. Photo manipulation in photography is evident in advertising and also used to improve the appearance of people and objects. Photo manipulation techniques are used by many designers to create highly professional & creative artwork

Who Needs Photoshop Neck Joint & Ghost Mannequin Services?

If you are an e-commerce clothing product seller or a dedicated freelance dress photographer then, neck joint service is for you to make your online clothing photos more attractive. An ideal & eye-catching online product photo is very important to get more sales, impression & conversational rate. Both are very important to increase your sales.

After taking the clothing product photos by a professional photographer, you need to apply photo editing services like image masking, photo background removal, Photoshop clipping path, image resizing, photo cropping, photo retouching, neck joint or ghost mannequin and so on. Most of the time a photographer & e-commerce business owners use a mannequin to get a perfect look at the photos. Without removing the mannequin of the photo, it will lose its quality.

So, the neck joint service is very important for that time. If you are now familiar with photo editing services like ghost mannequin service then don’t worry. Our professional photo editors are ready to help you with this issue.

At Photo Editor 24, we offer neck joint service for bulk photos with great quality according to our client’s requirements. We offer this service at an affordable price and with a quick turnaround. So, for the best neck joint or ghost mannequin services, Photo Editor 24 is the best for your online clothing business.

We offer the best neck joint service for the following issues---

Professional freelance photographers- Most of the photographers are need our invisible mannequin services if they want to make their photos for commercial purposes.

In Garments Industry– If you work in the garments sector & sell your clothing products online then neck joint service is mandatory for you. To make your clothing photos more professional & get more sales, you need to apply our product photo editing services.

For the Photo Editing Agency– There are many kinds of photo editing agency available because of an e-commerce business. They provide photo editing services daily for their customers. We offer our neck joint or ghost mannequin services for the image editing agency.

Professional Photo Editor– To save your time and money for bulk images, our best ghost mannequin service can assist you at an affordable price with great quality. This kind of photo editing service is very common for a professional freelance photo editor.

For e-commerce business– The importance of neck joint service for e-commerce, it is quietly impossible to describe in a few sentences. If you are an e-commerce garments owners then you must have to apply ghost mannequin photo editing services. Because you have to edit a lot of photos per day to upload them to your website.

Others– At Photo Editor 24, we also offer our best ghost mannequin photography service for all of you who work with photos. For the quality work with a quick turnaround, this is the best image editing house for all of you.

At Photo Editor 24, we try to express all steps list below:

Step 1: Photoshop clipping path

To remove mannequin perfectly from the products, we use clipping path service using the pen tool manually. Without removing the background from the photos, it will lose its beauty. You can also outsource our Photoshop background removal service for your e-commerce business.

Step 2: Remove Ghost from the photo

We remove the doll or dummy from the photos professionally after selecting around the product using a clipping path. To remove the background from the photos, we make a hand-drawn clipping path using the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop.

Step 3: Replace neck joint

For the removing background from the photos, the product will lose some of the valuable parts like the neck. In this step, our professional photo editors replace the neck using neck joint service. You will get a perfect photo for your online business if you outsource our neck joint or ghost mannequin services.

Step 4: Add natural shadow to the neck portion

In this step, our professional image editors add some natural shadow to the collar option to make the ghost effect perfect. It’s a very important step to make the product more realistic and natural.

Step 5: Final Editing

This is the last one and final step for the product photo. You have to give more attention to the final editing for getting the best output of the online clothing products. In this stage, our expert’s image editor carefully checks all the photo editing techniques like color corrections, photo retouching, brightness & contrast & so on.

Why Photo Editor 24 is the best for neck joint service?

Photo Editor 24 is the best image editing house including all photo editing services such as background removal, clipping path, neck joint or ghost mannequin, natural drop shadow, photo retouching, e-commerce product photo editing, image resizing & cropping & many more.

We have a special photo editor’s team that is highly skilled for neck joint or ghost mannequin services. So, for the best ghost mannequin photography service, you can outsource our service.

We have been working for more than 8 years in the photo editing industry with a great reputation around the world. We have more than 50+ full-time professional photo editors to provide all kinds of image editing services besides neck joint & ghost mannequin services. For the best quality at an affordable price, you are in the right place. To check our quality work, get a free trial.

Neck Joint Service FAQ at Photo Editor 24

  1. What is the Neck Joint Service or Ghost Mannequin Effects?

Answer: Most of the times photographers use a mannequin for getting the 2D or 3D shape of the garment products. But the photos cannot be uploaded on the websites with the mannequin. The way of removing mannequin and adjust the unseen part of the product by photo editors is called ghost or invisible mannequin effect.


  1. Why Neck Joint service is very important for e-commerce?

Answer: An ideal photo of clothing is very important to get more sales, impressions & conversation. To attract your customers, you must have to upload a professional & eye-catching photo in your online store. Most of the time photo photographers use dummy or mannequin instead of a model for getting the best look of a garment photo. If you upload your clothing products photo directly with mannequin then it will lose the original look & quality. That’s why neck joint or ghost mannequin photography service is very important for e-commerce business besides other photo editing services like background removal, clipping path, masking, remove background from the product photos, photo retouching & many more.

  1. Can I get a free trial for Neck Joint Service?

Answer: Yes, of course. We offer a free trial for all of the new customers to see our expertise. Just send 2 or 3 free trial clothing images with clarifying instructions. After editing them, our professional photo editor’s team will send back to you within 2 hours.


  1. What are your payment options?

Answer: At Photo Editor 24, we accept PayPal and other payment methods like Payoneer, bank transfer, Debit card, MasterCard, Skrill & Neteller. If you have any questions about payment methods then just ping us.

  1. Can I set up a recurring payment weekly or monthly for ongoing basis work?

Answer: Yes, of course. For the bulk images & long term basis work you can set up a recurring payment weekly or monthly. We are really very easy to work for any kinds of photo editing services.


  1. Do I need to deposit for my photo editing project?

Answer: No need to deposit for your project. But before getting all images you have to make payment as a new customer. For the next order, after getting your all images you can make payment even you can make payment weekly or monthly for ongoing projects.


  1. All of my project images are secure at

Answer: Yes, of course. Your privacy is our priority. Without any permission, we never use any purposes of our client’s images. ‍We reserve all of our client’s images for the 2 months if they need them shortly. After two months we delete every single image.


  1. Can you follow the requirements of eBay or Amazon for my images?

Answer: Definitely, Our professional & dedicated photo editors team follow the eBay or Amazon’s standard for all kind of e-commerce Photoshop photo editing services. After delivering your images, you can directly upload your images on your e-commerce website.


  1. What if I am not happy with your editing images?

Answer: There is no opportunity to unhappy with our edited images as we are highly skilled & professionals photo editors. Firstly, you can send 2 or 3 free trial images to see our quality. You can also ask for a redo of your images. After getting redoing work, if you are not happy after editing you will get a 100% money-back guarantee. We will refund as soon as possible if you are not satisfied to see our photo editing services quality. 


  1. How long time will you take to complete my order?

Answer: Normally, our standard delivery time is 24 hours for any kind of photo editing services like background remove, clipping path, neck joint or ghost mannequin, image cropping & resizing, photo retouching & many more. But the time frame will depend on the image quantity and quality. Generally, we provide per day more than 100 e-commerce product images with great quality. At Photo Editor 24, we also offer super fast delivery if you need a rush job. For the rush job, we deliver within 2-6 hours with professional quality.


  1. Do you offer any discount for bulk images?

Answer: Of course. We offer a great discount for bulk images & on-going basis work. You can get up to 30% for your bulk images. Feel free to visit our photo editing services pricing list. Then also if you have any questions about the discount just let us know through the mail.


  1. Why your neck joint or ghost mannequin service is the best than others?

Answer: Thanks for the good question. We have been working for more than 8 years in the photo editing industry with a great reputation around the world. Because of few reasons Photo Editor 24 is the best for neck joint or ghost mannequin service besides other image editing services like e-commerce product photo editing, background removal, clipping path, remove background from photos & so on.

  • We have a special team just for neck joint or ghost mannequin service.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Super fast delivery for rush jobs.
  • Great discount for bulk images
  • 24/7 VIP customer support with great communication & many more.