Clipping Path service is one of the best photo editing service which is very important for any kind of e-commerce business or online store around the whole world. Nowadays, the demand of image editing service is increasing rapidly. Photo Editing covers different kinds of image editing services like clipping path, background removal, image masking, multipath, simple, complex, complex, super complex paths, photo retouching, e-commerce product photo editing, image resizing & cropping, drop shadow etc. Generally, Photo clipping path service is used to cut out an object or select an object perfectly. It is known as image cut out or deep etching etc. as well. We are very popular for the best photo editing services like Photoshop Clipping Path, Cut Out image, Deep Etching, image masking, Closed vector path, background removal service & many more.

Why clipping path service?

For any kind of object-based photography cannot be as perfect as we expect. We cannot get a professional-looking of an object because of the movement of light. If you need a crisp edge of a photo or image details then you need to select the object very perfectly. There is a different kind of Photo Editing Software are available to select a photo but Adobe Photoshop is the best software to make a perfect handmade clipping path. We always use the pen tool to select an object very perfectly.

Nowadays there is a different kind of websites are available online for removing background from an image 

but no one can give you the 100% quality or satisfaction according to your expectation. Most of the time you cannot get professional photography because it works atomically. To boost your sales or to get more impression of your product then professional images are very important for your targeted customers. If you promote a dull image of your photo then it will lose your public engagement which is very harmful to your business. So, if you are a professional photographer or e-commerce business owner then online clipping path service is very important for you.
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What is a clipping path?

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In Adobe Photoshop, a clipping path or “deep etch” is a closed vector path/design or shape, used to cut out/background remove/removing background from a 2D image in photo editing software. After applying the clipping path; anything inside of the path will be included and anything will be deducted or omitted outside of the path. It is a very important technique for professional image cut-out services. Nowadays it is a part & parcel for any kind of photo/image editing services like remove background, white background, transparent background, background removal/remove image masking, cut-out photo, changing background, photo retouching, , etc.

By using online clipping path service you can easily and professionally display your digital photo in a different background especially in the white background which will help to focus your images online. At Photo Editor24, we make a path or shape or outline manually with very carefully by hand using the pen tool to select an object. So this is the right place for you if you need any kind of product photo editing services for e-commerce business.

clipping path services

Basic Clipping Path $0.39
Simple Clipping Path$0.59
Medium Clipping Path $1.49
Complex Clipping Path$3.99
Types of Online Clipping Path:

There are four types of image clipping path which are given below:

  • Simple Clipping
  • Medium Clipping
  • Complex Clipping &
  • Super Complex Clipping Path

Simple Clipping Path:

Simple Clipping Path is very easy to use and it takes less time than the others path. This is a basic/fundamental method for removing the background from an easy image. Generally, it is used in rectangular or straight product photos with no holes.

Medium Clipping Path:

This category of the path takes more time than the previous path because this method is used for that kind of image which is not very easy to clip out or make an outline very easily. As it takes more than the simple one that’s why it’s cost also a little bit more than a basic/simple clipping path.

Complex Clipping Path:

We have to use this path service when we get an object with a lot of complicated edges and multiple holes and it takes more time than the previous paths. Also, have to give more attention to make a perfect selection. Jewelry products like a necklace with a lot of complex edge and holes can be an example of these categories.

Super Complex Clipping Path:

Sometimes, an image or object needs so many clipping paths or shape to select the object very perfectly and that times need to apply this path. A bicycle can be an example of this path service. It takes too much time than the others and that’s why the costing of this service is more than the others

Image clipping Service is used in the following purposes:

  • Isolating image from the background
  • Ensure the transparency of the background
  • Editing or changing any specific area of an image
  • For color correction purposes
  • To hide the background for catalog design
  • For background removal services
  • Web image optimization
  • For the e-commerce product photo editing services

How do we do cut-out or deep etch?

We have a professional photo editor’s team that has a lot of practical experience in using image editing software like Adobe Photoshop. To remove background from an image we always use Photoshop pen tool manually to make a perfect outline or shape around the image although there are different kinds of selection tools like magic wand tool, quick selection tool, etc. To select an object Photoshop pen tool is the best tool. We never compromise with quality. So if you need any kind of Photoshop editing services like remove background, changing background, transparent background, white background, background removal, etc. then this is the right place for you.

When to need Photo Clipping Path Service?

We are providing image cut out or deep etching services in different countries with a great reputation. You need to apply clipping path service  for the following issues:

  • For removing background perfectly
  • To select an object professionally
  • To color correction from a specific area of an image
  • To adjustment color & lighting from your expected area of an object
  • To get a transparent background with clear edge etc.
When not to use this service?

If you get a photo that has a lot of fuzzy edges or hair/fur then no need to apply Photoshop clipping path service because you cannot get a better or perfect output. In those cases, you can use our professional image masking services.

Who needs Photoshop clipping Path service?

Now a day’s photo clipping path service is a part & parcel for those people who are related to an image related business. And this is not possible to describe the necessity of this service in a single or few sentences.

If you are a professional photographer, freelance graphic designer, e-commerce business owners, marketing & creative agency, product catalog manager, e-commerce store manager or magazine publisher then the photo clipping path service is needed for you. To promote your business you must have to use this service.  

To stay in competitive online marketplaces, there is no alternative to these services of you. We are ready to help you with any kind of photo editing services like remove background, transparent background, white background, background removal, image masking, deep etch, professional image retouching, etc.

Why photo clipping is important for a Professional Photographer?

At present Photography is a very well-known term around the whole world. There are different kinds of photography such as-

  • Landscape Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Sports & Action Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Beauty Photography
  • Candid Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Family Photography
  • Modelling Photography etc.

Generally, a professional Photographer works with photography for different purposes around the whole world. Most of the Photographer take it as their professional carrier. A photographer takes a photo for any online or e-commerce business or any other purpose. They need to edit all the photos according to their client’s requirements. That’s why Photoshop photo editing services are very important for any professional and dedicated photographers. For the following purposes, a photo needs to be edited professionally by a photographer or photo editor-

  • Background Removal Service
  • Hair Masking Service
  • Image Colour Correction
  • Photo Retouching
  • Shadow Making
  • Drop-shadow
  • Wedding Photography
  • Changing Background
  • Cropping & Resizing
  • Image Cut Out
  • Isolate background etc.

For the above purposes, a photographer or photo editor needs to select an object or any specific area of a product. There are many ways to select an object in adobe Photoshop like a quick selection tool, Lasso tool, Color Range, etc. but a photo clipping path is the best way. Here, a professional photo/image editor needs to make a path manually. To make the path perfectly they use the pen tool very carefully because this is the best tool to select an object professionally. A good background is really very important to get an eye-catching photo. Without an ideal background, it will lose the impression of the photo. And that’s why the importance of Clipping Path Service is increasing day by day for a photographer.

Deep Etching role in E-commerce Business:

Nowadays e-commerce is a very well-known term in the whole world. E-commerce elaboration is Electronic Commerce. Actually, e-commerce is one kind of activity of electrically selling or buying any product over the internet. If you are an e-commerce business owner then Photoshop Clipping Path is really very important for your business. To increase your product dells you need to apply product photo editing services

A professional & dedicated photo editor provides top-class images editing services like best photo clipping path, image cut out, deep etching, image retouching, photo background removal, white background, neck-joint, reflection, drop shadow, etc. To stay in the competitive market, any e-commerce business owners need to help from a professional photo editor.

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Application areas of the best photo clipping path service:

This kind of service is really very popular in the graphic designing world. A graphic designer is a professional within graphic design work. In the up-to-date world, the necessity of image clipping path services is increasing rapidly. There are different kinds of purposes this service is applying. Some of the application areas of Photoshop clipping is given below-

Photoshop clipping path for web image optimization:

Nowadays, most business owners are selling goods through the web by using online. They upload their images in the web store to display their product. The size or background of an image is very important for any kind of product photo. With the help of Photoshop clipping path, the images can be cropped, resized, cut out, remove background, deep etching easily and perfectly. An optimized image can provide the best result than non-optimized or non-edited images.
So deep etch or image cut out service is very important for any kind of e-commerce product photo image to make them more presentable to the customer’s online store. We have been working for more than 10 years the web image

Deep Etching for Garments Industry:

The technique of image clipping is mostly used for the garment or apparel industry. This service can change any background professionally with great quality. If you want to make your product photo more presentable to your targeted customers, then the technique of clipping path can easily help you.

Nowadays the importance of deep etching or image cut-out services is demanding rapidly for the garments industry. The pen tool is the best tool for making a perfect hand-drawn path around the product. Actually, this is not possible to explain this service in a single sentence or a few lines.

best clipping path service

For the Electronics, toys, Products photo Editing:

To increase the sale of any product online then you must have to use the best image or photo of your product. The best clipping path service of Adobe Photoshop is very important to make a product image clear, crisp, professional & eye-catching to your audience. Electronics products such as monitors, television, soundbox or any other product photos require image cut out services.

Our professional photo editors team uses this service very carefully to make them very professionally. And a good photo can increase the sales of your product.

best clipping path service

For Ornaments & Jewellery Industry:

To get more impression or to increase the sales of your ornaments & jewelry products your photos or images should be more sophisticated and professional.

Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, belly chains, etc. need a handmade clipping to make them more professional and eye-catching. Actually, photo clipping service plays an important role in this sector.

For any kind of jewelry image editing help, this is the right place for you. We have been working successfully for more than 10 years in the jewelry sector. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any kind of photo editing help. Looking forward to working with you.

clipping path service with jewelry photography

For Colour Correction Photoshop Clipping:


Colour Correction is very important for a photo to get a natural and realistic color. After taking a photo by a professional photographer photos need to color correction.

At this time need to select expected areas using Photoshop Multiple Clipping Path Service to correct the color professionally.

To select any expected area of a product for color correction, the pen tool is the best in Adobe Photoshop.


 Image cut out for Lather Industry:

Lather products such as leather shoes, bags, belts and other accessories of lather are requiring also this kind of service. If you are e-commerce business owners of lather products and searching a professional and dedicated photo editors team then this is the right place for you. 

Our professional image editor’s team ensure the best photo editing services like remove background from photos, image masking, photo retouching, reflection, drop shadow making, best clipping path, background removal, changing background, e-commerce product photo editing or image editing, etc.

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What Files Formats Do Our Photo Editors Work With?

After editing a professional photo is used for different kinds of purposes at a different time. That’s why file formatting is very important for an image. Our professional Photo Editors teamwork with:

  • PDF
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PSD &

Other types of files format according to our client’s requirements.


How to remove the background using image clipping?

For removing background from an image professionally first of all you have to select the object perfectly. There are different kinds of tools are available in Adobe Photoshop such as quick selection tool, magic wand tool, Lasso tool, etc. but the pen tool is the best for selecting an object perfectly. To get a clear concept you can visit Photoshop tutorial about how to remove/transparent background step by step.

Best Clipping Path Services at PhotoEditor24?

We have been working for more than 10 years as the best photo editing service Provider Company in Bangladesh with different clients around the whole world with a great reputation. We strongly believe that an eye-catching or professional image can increase the impression & sales of your business. Our professional image editors are ready to help you with your all kind of photo editing solutions. Our well-trained experts use advance image editing techniques and assure you to meet the requirements with a quick turnaround. As we never compromise on quality, so you can rely on us. We optimist & believe that, once you take our services like best clipping path service, Photoshop image editing, e-commerce product photo editing, neck joint, image retouching, image resizing & cantering, image optimization for web, face swap, photo-editing, image editing, photo background removal, remove background, etc. then you will never find out for the same kind of services. Looking forward to working with you. Looking forward to working with you.

Frequently Asked Question For Clipping Path Service

How can I place an order for photo editing services?

It’s very easy to place an order for any kind of photo editing services like background remove, clipping path, image cut out, transparent background, background removal, white background, etc. After negotiating with price and budget, just send your images to link using Google drive, drop box, we transfer, FTP, etc. which one is better for you.

How many e-commerce product photo editing images can you provide per day?

Normally we can provide per day 3000 easy simple or easy clipping path or background removal images with great quality. If you have a lot of product photo editing images then just ping us, we are capable to provide a maximum of 5000 images in a day.

How much time do you take for a project?

Generally, we provide any kind of photo editing or image editing services like clipping path, background remove, background removal, transparent background, white background, drop shadow, reflection, photo retouching, etc. within 24 hours but it depends on the image quantity & quality. 

How can I contact you?

For any kind of photo editing service, you can easily contact us through phone, email, Skype and other social media. Our professional photo editor team is ready to help you 24/7.

Is there any discount for bulk orders?

Yes, of course. If you have a lot of product photo editing images and it is an ongoing basis then you will get a great discount. Please contact us for your bulk orders.

How much does the best clipping path service cost?

We charge per image .49 cents for the clipping path services but the cost will depend on the image quantity and quality. For the best clipping path services or image editing services with a fair budget, this is the right place for you. 

What is the best image format for Amazon or any e-commerce store?

There is a different kind of image format in adobe Photoshop but we always recommend JPEG format for amazon or any e-commerce store. Because this format increases the speed of a website

What is the best technique to trace out the clipping path- Automation process & Hand-draw?

To make a perfect and professional clipping path any automation process does not provide the best quality. That’s why a hand-made or hand-drawn clipping path is highly recommended by our ultimate professional & dedicated photo editor team.