Photoshop Image Masking Service

Photoshop Image masking service is one of the most popular & important services in the photo editing industry. Nowadays, the demand for Photoshop image masking is service is increasing rapidly around the world. In the e-commerce industry- more than 45% of online retailers require Photoshop masking service to make their online photos more professional & eye-catching. Are you looking professional image masking service? At Photo Editor 24, we provide all kinds of professional photo/image editing services like background removal, clipping path,  professional photo retouching & many more besides image masking.


It is one kind of graphical & digital art that is applied when the clipping path service is no longer optional. Photoshop image masking service is a valuable process of image editing service. To save your time & focus on your growing business, Photo Editor 24 is always ready to help you with the best photo editing services.


What is Image Masking Service?

Image masking is a valuable process or technique of graphics software like Adobe Photoshop. This service is applied to hide some portions of an image & reveal some portions. The image masking technique is the non-destructive process of photo editing service. Generally, the clipping path service is used for background removal jobs.

But when the background of an image is very complex with fur, blanket, breezy hair, muslin, feathers; it’s needed to select many more details very carefully. In this case, Photoshop image masking service is applied for the best accuracy & great quality. If your product photos background is clear edge & same color, you may not apply image masking service.

Importance of Photoshop Image Masking service in brief

When your pictures contain fluffy edge or lower haziness outside like hair or any hide at that point it’s difficult to bring out flawless outcomes. Be that as it may, on the off chance that one has appropriate learning and aptitude on all kinds of photo masking he can without much of a stretch bring immaculate outcome. The best image cut-out process dependably minds all aspects of giving solid and staggering photographs.


Generally, we apply the manual process to get a better and professional output. At Photo Editor 24we provide you all kinds of Image masking services at affordable & reasonable prices. So if you need professional photo masking services, then contact us. We always welcome you with our best photo editing services.

Pricing For Photoshop Image Masking Services

Pricing For Photoshop Image Masking Services

Basic Level

Starting From

$1.00per photo

Services applied:

  • Changing for White/Black/Transparent Backgound
  • Background Changing up to 3 Persons
  • Background Changing for Simple Objects
  • Clipping Path Services
  • Color Correction
  • No Retouching
  • Small Objects Removal
  • Blur Background

Pro Level

Starting From

$2.00per photo

Services applied:

  • Merging Backgrounds
  • Manipulations
  • Background Restoration
  • Background Changing for More than 5 Persons
  • Background Changing for Big Amount of Objects
  • Color Correction
  • Professional Retouching
  • Unwanted Issues Removal
Categories of Photoshop Image masking

There are different kinds of Photoshop image masking service is available in photo editing service such as Photoshop masking, clipping masking, alpha masking, channel masking, transparency masking, layer masking, image masking, color masking, hair masking & so on. Depending on the image quality, our expert & highly skilled photo editors apply different kinds of mask service in Adobe Photoshop to get the best quality. Some of them are given below—

Photoshop Layer Masking

Photoshop Layer masking is mostly used in Adobe Photoshop. Generally, a layer masking is something we can add to a layer & without any hassle it allows us to control the transparency of that layer. Layer masking gives more freedom to the designer. To isolate any object or remove background from the images, this refine edge service is applied. If you are not familiar with image masking service then don’t worry about it. Our professional image editors are ready to help you 24/7 in this connection.

Alpha Masking or Channel Masking

Alpha masking is one kind of Photoshop image masking technique that involves creating masks, then the background is removed from the main image. It is also saved as an alpha channel layer to adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, etc. It is applied to select a specific & single color tone of the image background. By using Alpha or channel masking, a photo editor can easily make a selection of smoke. Channel masking is also making the file size smaller.

Transparency Masking in Photoshop

If you want to use your subject on a different background, transparency masking is an excellent technique to do that perfectly. Transparency masking is used to select the subject instead of the background. Most of the clients require this service when they need to select the product or person without background.

Refine Edge Masking in Photoshop

This is another important masking technique of Photoshop image masking. To select fur or breezy hair from the images perfectly, Photoshop refines edge masking technique works very well. If you want soft edges & natural-looking without destroying some of the parts, Photoshop refines edge masking can be your first choice.

Fur & Hair Masking in Photoshop

Generally, the clipping path service is used to remove the background from the images. But sometimes, Clipping Path is not possible to apply because of the complex background with fur & flashes, thinner lines, soft edge, etc. For removing complex background from the images, fur & hair masking technique can be used for the best accuracy & quality.

Photoshop collage Masking

This kind of image masking technique is mostly used in commercial purposes like brochures, magazines, catalogs & online websites as well. This service is primarily used for removing the background from the images. For the best Photoshop image masking service, you are in the right place for your images.

Color Masking in Photoshop CC

Color masking is used to cut the hollow lines & cutting the edges of the image also edit with random colors. Sometimes alpha color components are used for custom pixel data although photo editors use RGB color components for color. At Photo Editor 24, we offer the perfect color masking technique of image masking in Photoshop.

Translucent Masking in Photoshop

In general, all of the Photoshop image masking service techniques are used to edit photos professionally. But depending on the image quality, a professional photo or image editor has to take the decision which one is good. This masking service is used for the best quality of image editing. Generally, it is used on those images which had things like glass jewelry & regular glass stays effects.

Use of Photoshop Image Masking Service or Clipping Mask

To get more accuracy & perfect quality, Photoshop image masking service is used for the following purposes-

  • To cut out or isolate the object from the background
  • Soft or furry edges on an image
  • Masking out the model
  • To masking off the background
  • Customize or change the background
  • Masking for the breezy hair
  • Masking the fur & skin
  • Dropping Shadows on the image

Bulk Image Masking services for permanent customers

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Who needs Photoshop Image Masking Services?

In general, the Photoshop image masking technique of image editing is applied to remove the hairy background from the images. Most of the time we use Photoshop clipping path to remove background from the images. Sometimes, clipping path service cannot bring out the best output because of the complex background. Photoshop image masking service requires for-

Image Masking for Professional Photographers

No one photographer can take the perfect photo for all the time. Because of some unwanted objects, the photo loses quality. Most of the professional product or fashion photographer are very busy to take photos. So, they don’t have enough time to edit the images using an image masking technique.  In this case, photographers rely on Photoshop masking services to make a photo clear & natural.

Photoshop Image Masking service for e-commerce sellers

To get more sales & impressions, an ideal photo of product is a very important fact for an e-commerce business seller. In general, most of the time clipping path service is applied to remove or change the background from the online product photo. But the clipping path service is not possible to apply always if the background of the images is very complex with hair or fur. So, each & every e-commerce seller need to apply image masking service to make the product photos more clear, crisp & eye-catchy.

Others who need photo masking service
  • eBay & Amazon sellers
  • Online shop
  • Product Catalogue
  • Photo studio
  • Fashion Designer & so on.
Our Best Photo Editing Services at a Glance:
When to use Photoshop Image masking service:

No need to apply photo masking techniques all the time. If your product background is clear & the same color, then no need to apply this service. You can easily apply our best clipping path services for those images. But sometimes, you cannot use Photoshop clipping path service for background removal jobs because of complex background.

We know the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop, is the best tool for making a hand-drawn clipping path for removing or changing background smoothly. But this is not possible to use the pen tool when the image background with fur or breezy hair. So, for the complex background of the product, you must have to apply Photoshop image masking service.

When not to use Photoshop image masking technique
  • When the image background color is the same & clear.
  • If your product image has sharp edges, you need to apply Photoshop clipping Path service instead of a photo masking service.
What types of tools do we use for Image Masking Service?

For the best & professional image masking services, we use advanced techniques in different software. There are different kinds of photo editing software’s more available like GIMP, Perfect Mask, Adobe Photoshop & many for image masking service.

All of these image editing programs have advanced features to do the task very perfectly. At Photo Editor 24, we mostly use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop cc & we are highly recommended Photoshop cc.

Using Image Masking technique for achieving the best output

Would you like to get a professional photo with your complex image background (fur or hair)? If yes, then Photoshop Image masking service for your e-commerce business. In general, it is used for photo editing purposes.

You know that we can remove background easily from images using clipping path service. Yes, the clipping path service is a great technique for removing background from images & the pen tool is the best tool for selecting an image perfectly.

But sometimes, you cannot apply Photoshop clipping path because of the complexity of the background. This is not possible to select each complex area like fur or hair using a pen too. This the right time to use image masking service.

Before you apply the photo masking technique, you have to know very well about it. Don’t try to use it if you don’t know enough about the image masking technique. To use this technique, you have to know the proper use of blending tools. You need to take help from a professional photo editing house or agency. 

There are different kinds of online photo editing agencies available, who are ready to help for your image masking service. For the best output of your images, you can try the free image masking service facility from Photo Editor 24. We offer professional Photoshop image masking service at affordable & reasonable price.

Photoshop Image masking at Photo Editor 24

For the last 8 years, we have been working successfully with a lot of international clients for any kind of photo editing services like background removal, photo clipping path, image cut out, image resizing & cropping, photo retouching, image masking & many more.

At Photo Editor 24, we have a dedicated & highly skilled photo editor’s team who always ready to help professional image masking services. Our professional image editors give extra attention to masking services to make your product photos more professional. So, for the best image masking services, this is the right place for your images.

We have more than 100+ professional photo editors & they are always ready to help for any kind of photo editing services besides image masking service. Normally, we can provide per day more than 1000 images with great quality. Get a free trial for 2 images to see our image editing quality? You will get your free trial images within the next 2 hours.

The Benefits You will get If You Hire Us as Image Masking Service partner

Photo Editor 24 is the best leading company in the photo editing industry around the world for its great quality. We provide all kinds of image masking services for e-commerce companies, photographers, a freelance photo/image editors, magazine & newspaper publishers, catalog and product, or fashion design agencies. We never compromise with quality for any kind of image editing services like Photoshop image masking service. For the following few reasons, we are different than the others.

  • 100% best quality for image masking service provider.
  • Unlimited revisions
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