Jewelry Photo retouching services

Jewelry Photo Retouching is one kind of photo editing process which is used after taking Jewelry photo by using photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom or others. You know that Photography is not the final destination of any online product. To make more presentable & eye-catching of an online product to the customers we need to retouch them professionally & naturally. Jewelry e-commerce site owners & Professional Jewelry Photographers use this kind of photo editing service. Our experts & highly skilled photo editor team ready to help with your online jewelry photos.


Generally, jewelry photography takes more time than other photography services. A photographer or jewelry businessman has to give more time & attention to make them more professional in front of the targeted customers. To save your time & money this is the right place for you for any kind of photo editing services like jewelry photo touch up, background removal, best clipping path service, changing background, remove background from photos & many more.

Jewelry retouching services include:

  • Color correction is a must-have thing in the jewelry editing process.
  • All Photoshop commands should be made naturally and professionally.
  • Removingzits, unnecessary spots from the items.
  • Background retouching required in every jewelry editing direction. Clear background –big sales.
  • Adjusting contrast and improving shadows.
  • Making additional shining to the photos for a stunning look.
  • Deleting defects to make the best and most sold items catalog.
  • In jewelry editing pay close eye to the keystone and pick-ups

Jewelry Photo retouching Pricin

As a professional photo editing service Provider Company, we offer a reasonable price for every service. We provide jewelry retouching services at an affordable cost with quick turnaround & ensure the best quality of your jewelry photography. To save your time & money, you are in the right place for any kind of image editing services like clipping path, background removal, masking, remove background from image, photo retouching, image resizing & centering, drop shadow making & many more.

For jewelry photography, we offer two levels of photo editing- Pro & High End. If you need basic editing of your jewelry product photo then just ping us for the details about pricing. We offer till 20% discount for the basic editing if it is an ongoing basis.

Pro Level

$5.00 per photo

Services applied:

  • Clipping path and background removal for simple objects
  • Fixing contrast & sharpness
  • Remove minor product defects (scratches, dents, dust, etc)
  • Natural shadow adding
  • Picture resizing & centering
  • Basic clipping path using the pen tool
  • Gaps repairing
  • Poor contrasts adjustment
  • Light & color corrections
  • Shining Metal
  • Reflection effect

High End Level

$10.00per photo

Services applied:

  • Clipping path and background removal for complex objects
  • Gems editing or replacing
  • Blinks/ reflections correction
  • Color changing & correction
  • Advanced clipping path
  • Drop shadow and mirror effect
  • Blemishes removal
  • Highlights & shades improvement
  • Metal smoothing
  • Gemstone & Precious metal Color Improvement
  • Dust / Poor Reflection removal
  • Image details improvement
  • Unwanted elements removal
  • Add shinning to the gemstones

Bulk services for permanent customers

discount for any photo editing services during a month who orders from
total cost is more than $500.00 US
discount for any photo editing services during a month who orders from
total cost is more than $1500.00 US
Categories of Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

There are different kinds of jewelry photo editing services. Some of the sub-categories of jewelry photography retouching are given below-

Jewelry Photo Background Removal

Any eye-catching jewelry photo is very important for getting more impressions and sales in e-commerce business. Some unwanted objects such as dust, spots, etc. may come during the photo-shoot by a photographer. So for getting a flawless jewelry photo, background removal services are needed. Professional jewelry photographers & jewelry business owners don’t worry about this problem. Our highly skilled & professional photo editors are ready to help you with your jewelry photo background removal service. They will remove any dust, spot or unwanted object from the background and replace pure white background to make your jewelry online product photo more presentable & professionals look to your customers.

Reflection Removal

A jewelry photo can take atomically unnecessary reflection during the Photoshoot by a photographer. Because of the unwanted reflection, the photo losses the original beauty. So, after taking a jewelry photo, reflection needs to be removed by a professional jewelry photo editor. 

Jewelry Shadow Effect Service

Drop-shadow is an important part of any online product photo, especially for jewelry online product. Shadow effects can make a jewelry photo more natural or realistic. The natural shadow effect can be used by using different kinds of image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. If you want to present your jewelry product photo professionally, you must have to apply a shadow effect service.

Our photo editors can make a natural & professional shadow of your jewelry p product photo. So, for the best shadow creation services, Photo Editor 24 is the best place for you.

Remove blemishes & spots

Would you like to boost your sales for any kind of online product? If yes then you have to give more attention to make your online product photo eye-catching. Because of spots & blemishes, a product loss it’s professional looking. Generally, online customers decide to buy a product depending on their product photo quality. So, this is very important for any e-commerce business sellers. Here, we remove blemishes & spots very carefully using the advanced technique of Adobe Photoshop to make the product photo more presentable.

High-end jewelry photo retouching services

Our professional photo editor’s team is highly skilled for high-end photo retouching services & we have been working in the photo editing industry for more than 10 years with many international clients with a great reputation. By using advance photo retouching technique of Adobe Photoshop & Light-room, we rectify any imperfections of your online jewelry product photos

Adjustment of brightness & contrast:

Generally, color adjustment used to change the overall tone of your product color & to remove any unwanted color from your product images. Generally, brightness refers to the darkness or lightness of an image. Without an experienced photo editor, no one can do a perfect combination of brightness and contrast. If you use it then your image will lose the original color & finally product quality. So, it is very important for you that to select a photo editing company you have to know how they are experienced in this connection. Adjustment of brightness & contrast is essential for any kind of photo editing services, especially for jewelry photo enhancement services.

Enhancement services of jewelry photo

To get more sales & conversation rate, jewelry photo retouching services plays an important role like other photo editing services such as background removal, clipping path & many more. As a repute photo editing company, we never sacrifice with the quality of any kind of image editing services. So, if you want to get the enhancement of your online jewelry product photos, then you are in the right place. To see our expertise in our photo retouching services, send 2 images as a free trial. We will send them within 2 hours.

Mannequin Removal

Most of the time a professional photographer can use mannequin during the Photoshoot for e-commerce business owners. For getting a good presentation of a product photo especially for jewelry, the photo needs to use mannequin but it decreases the product quality if you upload with a mannequin in your online store. So before uploading your jewelry product photo, you have to remove mannequin very professionally. You can choose easily our Photoshop background removal services regarding this issue. Generally, we use the pen tool manually to make a perfect clipping path around the subject & sometimes we use advanced Photoshop technique where the pen tool is not applied. 

Dust & scratch removal

Dust & scratch is enough to make your online product photo un-professional which is very bad for your online business. So you have to remove dust & scratch or any other imperfections very professionally. As a professional photo editing service provider, we remove dust, scratch or any tiny defects of your product photo to make them more professional and realistic to your customers.

Shining enhancement in jewelry photo editing

Shining enhancement plays an important role to make a photo more professional to the customers, especially for the jewelry photography. Shining enhancement is very important for jewelry photo retouching services.  As an image editing service provider, we have been providing jewelry photo enhancement services  for more than 10 years with a lot of happy clients around the world. So, for any kind of photo enhancement services don’t be hesitate to contact us. 

Silver & Gold recoloring for jewelry photography

No need to take more photos of the same kind of jewelry photos. A professional photo editor can easily change the color one to another like silver to gold. It will save both time & money. By using advanced digital technology, we can change the white gold metal into jewelry of silver, rose gold, platinum & others color very professionally and naturally. At photo editor 24 can be your partner for your jewelry photo recoloring services.

Clipping path service as a part of jewelry photo retouching

Different kinds of services are related to Photo editing services. Clipping path service is one of them. This service is used for different purposes such as background removal, photo color correction, removing the background, transparent background, white background, etc. It is also very important for jewelry product photo editing services. There are many tools or options in adobe Photoshop cc to make a clipping path but the pen tool is the best.

We make a hand-drawn clipping path manually to get the best edge of a product photo. We also use other advanced techniques of Photoshop, where the pen tool is not applied. Without any hesitation, you can choose our best clipping path service as your photo editing service partner.

Color correction of Jewelry Photo

The real color tone & brightness is also one of the most important parts of any kind of online product photography. Sometimes a jewelry photographer can face problems to make it’s an exact color of jewelry photo. Using advanced photo retouching technique we can get back the real color of an online jewelry photo. For jewelry photos, color correction services just contact us. We are ready to help you 24/7. 

Repainting shine on jewelry metal

Because of different issues, most of the time the metal of jewelry may mirror unwanted images which are you don’t want. And that’s why the metal can lose the original color. Our jewelry photo editing experts can professionally restore the metal color by repainting that area manually. So, the metal will show its natural shine & which is very important to get more impression.

Creative Jewelry photo Edits

For the jewelry magazine publishers & shops, we provide high-quality creative jewelry photo edit services. We ensure the high resolution so that you can get a clear & crisp look after printed for a big poster or banner. Our dedicated & professional jewelry photo editors are ready to help in this connection.

The benefit of Jewelry photo retouching services

This is not possible to describe the importance of jewelry photo editing services in a single word or few sentences. Then also describing some of the major points about it below- 

To increase conversation rate & sales

Every e-commerce business owners want to get more benefit by selling their product more through online. Here is the question- what kind of online product images can get more conversation rate & sales? As a buyer definitely we click on the eye-catching & sophisticated photo in the online store. A report says that most of the buyers see at least 3-5 photos before taking the decision of any online product.

To keep the jewelry product photo attractive

An ideal photo is very important for any kind of e-commerce business. When a visitor visits a website, the photo of the product is the main factor to attract the visitor. A professional jewelry product photo can attract more customer’s attention. So, if you want to get more impressions or sales of your online product, you must have to display your product photo more attractive. This is not only important for jewelry product photos but also for any kind of online-based product. To make your online product photo more attractive, we offer our best high-end jewelry photo retouching services.

Who needs professional jewelry photo retouching services?

Generally, photo retouching services are used for any kind of e-commerce business. But jewelry photo editing service is especially used for the jewelry photographers or jewelry e-commerce business owners. Now I am discussing some of them who need this kind of retouching services-

For a professional Jewelry Photographer

Jewelry photographer is one kind of photographer who takes jewelry photos for e-commerce business owners and it is their carrier. A professional jewelry photographer is too much busy and most of the time he cannot get enough time to retouch them according to the client’s expectation. Are you a professional photographer? If yes, then don’t worry about any kind of photo editing services like clipping path, background removal, photo retouching, product photo editing services, cropping & resizing, jewelry photo retouching & many more. 

Our professional designers are ready to help you with any kind of image editing services besides jewelry photo editing. To save your time & money we are always beside you with our experts.

Jewelry business owners

It is needless to say that how much jewelry photo retouching services are important for e-commerce jewelry business owners. Image editing services are needed for a business owner who sells different kinds of jewelry products online such as earrings, rings, brackets, chain, necklaces & so on. A good presentation of any online product photo is very important to get more impressed by the customers. To get more impression, conversation rate & boost your jewelry product sells, our 50+ professional designers are ready to help you 24/7 for any kind of photo retouching services like jewelry photo retouching.

Jewelry photo editing services for others

  • Product photo editing agency
  • Graphic Designers
  • Freelance photographer
  • Jewelry image editor
  • Jewelry service provider
Jewelry photo retouching services FAQ at Photo Editor 24
  1. Do you offer a free trial for jewelry photo retouching services?

Yes, of course. Just send your 1 image with clarify instruction. Our professional jewelry photo editor team will provide within 3 hours.


  1. Why jewelry retouch is important for e-commerce business?

If you are an e-commerce business owner then it is very important for your business. To increase your conversation rate & sales you must have to us jewelry photo retouch service.

  1. Which software is the best for jewelry photo editing services?

There are different kinds of photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Gimp & many more. All of them are good but we mostly use Adobe Photoshop cc & sometimes others for jewelry image editing service.


  1. What does jewelry photo edits do?

We provide jewelry photo retouch services includes background removal, clipping path, removing any imperfections, adjusting color & tones, adding shadow effect & many more with great quality.


  1. What kind of file formats do you accept for jewelry photo retouch service?

We can work with different sorts of image formats like JPEG, RAW, PNG, PSD & any other file formats. So, don’t worry about your jewelry photo format. Just send them and we are ready to help you with the best quality.

  1. How can I get your jewelry photo edit services for my e-commerce business?

To boost your sales, online photo editing services like background removal, clipping path, photo retouching, image re-sizing & centering and many more services are important for your online business.  Just send your jewelry photos through our mail, skype or any other social media with clarify instruction.


  1. How many jewelry product photos can you edit per day?

As a professional photo editing company, we can edit more than 500 jewelry images per day with great quality. We have another department just for e-commerce jewelry photo editing services.

  1. How do you ensure the metal tones are correct in a jewelry photo?

As we have been working more than a few years in the image editing industry with a great reputation around the world, so without any hesitation or confusion you can choose us for your jewelry photo retouching services. We will ensure the metal tones very perfectly and naturally.

  1. Do you offer any discount for bulk orders?

Yes, of course. We offer a 20% discount for your first bulk order and you will get a 10% discount for the next order if it is an ongoing basis.


  1. How much cost do you charge per jewelry photo?

Actually, we offer different sorts of charges for different kinds of image editing services. The cost of a jewelry photo will depend on the image quality. To get a clear idea about pricing, please visit our Pricing page.


  1. Why should I choose Photo Editor 24 for my jewelry photo retouching services?

Photo Editor 24 is a well-known & reputed image editing company around the world. We have been working more several years with different kinds of photo editing services like background removal, remove background from images, clipping path, masking, image cut-out, photo retouching & many more with great satisfaction of our clients. For the following few reasons, you will choose our photo editing services-


  • Super-fast delivery with great quality.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • We offer unlimited revision until 100% satisfaction
  • Great communication & very easy to work
  • We are available 24/7 with VIP customer support